"A sculpture must be a language...

A language understood by everyone. 

A sculptor must be silent....

and you make me talk, a most beautiful order:

Talking about Freedom..."

• This land in the south of the Mediterranean, where the roughness of the stone mixed with a scent of hot earth are captivating, inspired the hand of the sculptor Jean-Pierre Baldini.


• Day after day, with application and perseverance, Jean-Pierre Baldini modelled, kneaded, this material so noble, chiselled it so that it becomes this elegance, this lightness, this balance ... Jean-Pierre Baldini posed them, like a photographer capturing his models, one by one, they have become his muses. Bathed throughout his life by this generous obsession with eternal beauty, the artist loses us in a fundamental reflection with strength and commitment by leading us to dream in this so sensual universe. In tireless search of the mystery of femininity, Jean-Pierre Baldini broadened his field of creation and found a diversity of philosophical meaning in the different approaches to life.


• In an enchanting journey, made of shapes, movements and grace, the reality of a moment gives way to a beautiful and unique dream which invite us by Jean-Pierre Baldini. Behind the unusual or even surprising style, we feel in the heart this artist who masters and declines, with great generosity, sensitivity and passion, his space of freedom.


• The messages pass, subliminal or not, and do not leave us indifferent. Touched to the heart by these clean lines, this grace of the curve in a movement of life of a contemporaneity which leads to asking existential questions, makes us want to discover the continuation of this path of life of such artistic intensity.




50 Years of Sculpture

Notable Realizations & Exhibitions in Europe

• 1949: Born in Cannes, France

• 1966: First steps on wood sculpture with Almela, a sculptor of Spanish origin. 

               At the same time, he studied the Beaux-Arts in Nîmes.

• 1968: At 19 year's old, 1st exhibition at the Town Hall of Arles, France.

• 1968 - 1984: During 17 years, he developed an original technique that freed him from the constraints inherent in wood, stone and plaster sculpture.

• 1985: It is bronze becoming his favorite material, which will allow him to perpetuate research in his quest to obtain ever more independence from matter.


• Since 1985 up to today: Jean-Pierre Baldini creates limited series with each time a specific theme mainly inspired from nature, like like "Air", "Earth", "Feather", "Trace". Each of these periods are identified by an original conceptual argument which inevitably influences the form without however prohibiting a minimum of continuity.


Over 50 years Jean-Pierre Baldini made nearly 300 bronze sculptures in themes of 25 series every 2-3 years that mark the strong personality of this artist. He is always inspired by the nature, various fondamental elements of life, leading to beautiful series like  "Earth", "Fire", "Air", "Water", "Rhythm", "Feather", "Shadow", "Trace", "Fracture", etc...


Prestigious places have welcomed his work: the UN in Geneva, the Château de Bironthe Senate in Paris, Saint Martin de Boschervillem, the Athenaeum Palace in Geneva... The recognition of his peers and the public is attested by multiple institutional orders, numerous national and international exhibitions. He is present in several private collections of great reputation. To this day, the quest continues...


• Monumental Realizations & Cultural Projects :

1987: Winner of the National Sculpture Competition of the Paul Ricard Foundation,

            Creation of a fountain for the City of Arles 

1989: Guest of honor at the Salon de Douai

1990: Creation of a monumental bronze sculpture of“Étoile sur Rhône”, France

1991: Creation of a monumental bronze sculpture for the city of Montpellier, France

1992: Creation of a monumental bronze sculpture for the city of Rognac, France

1995: Installation of a monumental sculpture in Louvain, Belgium

1996: Creation of a monumental bronze sculpture for Maubeuge, France

2001: Creation of Convergence B association for the promotion of Baldini's work

2002: Creation of the Baldini trophy awarded each year to lauréate Supinfocom

2006: Creation of a monumental sculpture for the city of Franqueville St Pierre, France

             Creation of of a monumental sculpture for the foundation of l’Hôtel Négresco,

             Nice, France

2009: Creation of a bronze sculpture on the theme of donation for the foundation of S.A.R. Princesse Margarita de Roumanie, Roumania

2013: Guest of honor at Salon de Port de Bouc, le Puy en Velay, France

2015: Publication of the bookTRACE” , writed by Gérard Pons & Hervé Hôte 



• Exhibitions :

Art Thema HéYī is the gallery permenantly exposing latest works of Jean-Pierre Baldini in Belgium over 20 years.



Our main exhibitions :

2022: "A Moment of Life", Art Thema • HéYī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2022: 20th Century Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

2021: Namur Antica, Namur, Belgium

2021: “Together”, Art Thema • HéYī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: Grimaud Art Exposition, City Hall, Grimaud, France

2021: Art Up Lille, Lille, France

2021: "Timeless", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Art Exhibition for the Hommage of René Julien", Ramatuelle, France


1982 : Aix en Provence, France

1983: Avignon, France

1984: Lyon, France

1985: Toulouse, France

1986: He joined the team of artists of Jean and Régine Minet, Paris, France

1987: Avignon and Gorodka, France

1988: Montpellier, France

1989: Paris and Lille, France

            Laguna Beach, U.S.A.

1990: St Etienne, France

1991: Montpellier at the City Hall, le Castellet and Lille, France

1993: "Retrospective 25 Years of Sculpture" at the Château de Biron by the General Council

1994: le Castellet and Lille, France

            Brussels, Belgium

1995: Montpellier, Lyon, Dijon, France

1996: Participation to 25 Anni di Scultura Europea, Ferrara, Italy

            Participation to Le Forme del Fuoco, Milan, Italy

            Nice Fair, France

1997: Participation to l’Anima e le Forme au Museo Civico di Bologna, Italy

1998: Paris, France

            Hoorn, Holland

2000: "Retrospective" at Palais de Nations de l’ONU, Genève, Switzerland

2001: "Retrospective" at Sénat, Paris, France

2002: Avignon, France

2003: l’Abbaye St-Georges de St-Martin de Boscherville, France

2004: Lille, France

              Knokke le Zoute, Belgium

2005: Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2007: Avranches, France

2008: Biarritz and Montpellier, France

             Brussels, Belgium

2009: Exposition in Palais de l’Athéné, Genève, Switzerland

             Clermont Ferrand, France

2010: Toulon and Millau, France

2011: Montpellier, le Puy en Velay and Cannes, France

2012: Rochefort, France

2014: le Castellet, France

2015: Montpellier, France

2016: Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

            Cannes, le Castellet and in Macon, France

2017: Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium,

            Cannes and Castellet, Macon, Lourmarin, France

2018: "Retrospective" at Cloître St Trophime d’Arles, France

            Vallongue Eygalières domain, France

2019: “Trace”, 50 years of sculpture, Ancien Évêché, Sarlat, France

2020: “Trace” and  “Equi-libre", Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: Solo exhibition, Uzès, France