• Next Exhibition: In Carry-le-Rouet
  • Antica Bruxelles: New Art fair
  • New Art Gallery: in the center of Arles

    New Art Gallery: in the center of Arles

    Inauguration 24-25 March
  • Béatrice Cols: New Artist
  • WHAT'S UP recently?

    Art Thema is opening a scupture gallery with Jean-Pierre Baldini in Arles!
  • ART THEMA follows the sun!, Cap to Arles

    ART THEMA follows the sun!

    Cap to Arles

    After 40 years owning physical galleries in Belgium, Art Thema takes one more step to the South opening a new gallery in Arles with the collaboration of its beloved artist Jean-Pierre Baldini.


    It means :

    • a new gallery in the heart of the new cultural center of Provence, a stone to Camargue. Arles is a must see town as it is a UNESCO site, filled with Roman tresaures, revealing and important historical and ancient heritage. On top of that, Arles photography festival and the LUMA museum attracts high level contemporary art.
    • focus on the sculpture and the volume. Artworks that will hung on the walls will be photographies related to volumes/sculpture/architecture, mural sculptures and installations.
    • a permanent collection of Baldini 's 50 years of work in Arles. All the year, we will exhibit his sculptures collection through various themas and periods and show in exclusivity his new artworks.
    • a room for the resident artists of Art Thema who is in charge ot the artistic direction. Never change a winning team! 
    • a guest artist for each new exhibition to create a dialogue with the others.
    • sharing with you our passion for art in a very exciting new horizon


    Catherine Meulemans, successor and new owner of Art Thema is choosing a way to promote art that better fits with her personnality and lifestyle in 2023. Reinforcing her solid experience by focusing in European artists mainly and taking on a new dimension by opening a new gallery in  Arles, Art Thema opens it wings to wider its exposure.

    From Brussels to  South of France, Catherine stays your dedicated contact. She remains the golden thraed linking artists- artworks - artcollectors. Don't hesitate to contact her to discuss about your wishes and artistic projects!

    We promise you very attractive exhibitions, happy discoveries and deep emotions for 2023!


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  • Jean-Pierre BALDINI



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    Jean-Pierre BALDINI

    Resident Sculptor

    • 1949: Born in Cannes, France


    Touched to the heart by the made of shapes, the clean lines, the grace of the curve, the reality of a moment in a movement of life of a contemporaneity which the sculptor Jean-Pierre BALDINI leads to asking existential questions, makes us want to discover the continuation of this path of life of such artistic intensity...


    Over 50 years Jean-Pierre Baldini made nearly 300 bronze sculptures in themes of 25 series every 2-3 years that mark the strong personality of this artist.


    ART THEMA is honored to be his first gallery in Brussels since 35 years and to continue to promote his amazing work internationally.

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