Absence of Matter, Above the Apperance...

Sounds of Music into Tangible

• Art, for Van den Abeele, is above all a quest towards the essential foundations of existence, towards what shines through appearances: feelings, emotions, anxieties. His sculptures thus reveal the fragility and transience of life like the ephemeral sound of a musical note which, barely heard, already fades and disappears ...
• Jacques Van Den Abeele plays on volumes and voids to give power and mystery to his musicians or animals and to stimulate the public's imagination. But the "non-present" is as important as the present so Matter and Void alternate like a pause between notes: Sound and SilenceThe artist enables each statue to express, above and beyond its appearance, sensitivity, emotion and innermost fears. The absence of matter thus shows itself to be as expressive as the matter itself. It is in the material and in the reality of things that Jacques Van Den Abeele draws his inspiration and his determination to reveal the profundity and the precariousness of life. 


• Music is always a powerful source of inspisration for Jacques Van Den Abeele.


• Given the emptiness of his sculpture, for each limited authentic edition (8 + 4 Artist Proofs), Jacques Van Den Abeele has to work all over again the full process of creation and production directly in an unique wax model in final finition, to an unique mould, until the final bronze sculpture in final touch and patina. Each individual edition is an unique piece and different from the others.


Government & Museum Collections

• Jacques Van den Abeele was born in 1960 in Belgium.
• He was graduated at the Oudenaarde Fine Arts Academy and received the Belgium Government Medal for Decorative Arts and Sculpture. He also graduated in Drawing (living models) at the Saint Lucas Academy in Gent.
• Van Den Abeele won several awards and his sculptures have been purchased by museums, municipalities, councils and private collectors in Europe.
• Jacques Van den Abeele is exhibited in galleries spread over Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States. He also realized many monumental sculptures for state orders.


• Government Collections:

- Portraits and bronze busts for the cities of Ghent, Nazareth, Kortrijk, etc, Belgium
- A bronze fountain sculpture called "The Water Pusher" for the town of Zwalm, Belgium
- A white stone sculpture for Maagdendale Abbey in Oudenaarde, Belgium
- A bronze sculpture for the "House of Humor in Satire" in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.


  • Major Prizes :

1978:  Severien de Lathouwer Prize, Belgium
1982 & 1985:  Auguste Vermeylen Prize, special award, Oostende, Belgium


  • Bibliographies:

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• Exhibitions:

Art Thema HéYī gallery presents permanently latest artworks of Jacques Van Den Abeele since 20 years in Belgium.

Our main exhibitions :

2022: "A Moment of Life", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2022: London Art Fair, London, England

2022: "Horizon", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Timeless", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Art Exhibition for the Hommage of René Julien", Ramatuelle, France

2021: Art Up Lille, Lille, France

2021: "Blooming", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Together", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussel, Belgium


2010 - 2020: Permenant exhibitions, Art Thema, Brussels, Belgium
1988-2007 Lineart international Artfair, Gent, Belgium

1983 Contemporary Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium