"When the movement of the brush and the trowel together reveals an expressive scenery..."

French Expressionist Artist 

Worldwide Exhibitions

•  Born in 1930 at Saint Lo (la Manche - FR)


• Jacques Daufin started to study in 1947 at the ” Ecole des Beaux-Arts ” in Oran, France.


•  He moved to Paris in 1948. The following years he exhibited his works in different ” Salons” in Paris and soon after in the biggest galleries in Paris as Galerie Suillerot and Galerie Romanet.


•  Meanwhile he exposed in New-York, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Tokyo, Zurich, Hambourg, Asia, Africa, South America and everywhere in Europe.


•  Internationaly recongnized museums and foundations possess his works such as the Museum of Modern Art of Paris, the Museum of Sao Paulo, the Museum of Ryad, the Fondation Firestone and the Fondation Franklin Roosevelt …


•  Since 1948, Jacques Daufin has held about a hundred one-man shows around the world.