An "alchemist"

A master of steel since age of 14

• "Through sculpture, installation and display, as a craftsman, an artist or a designer, I am a metal worker. I handle metal, trying to reveal its inherent energy. I explore its limits, its physical possibilities. I heat it, pound it, twist it. I try to make it say something itself. This may be a feeling of intense heaviness, or on the contrary a delicacy, an unusual fragility...It's an open dialogue with the material. Then, the formal capacities are revealed in a material that becomes an object marked with a singular identity, which sometimes comes within organic and living.

- Caroline Brisset" 


• Caroline Brisset works with metal in all its forms through sculpture, installations and performance, working as a craftsman, artist and designer. According to her "The state is irrelevant when talking about the subject". Her work is a dialogue between the capacities of the materials and the object that she creates, which have a unique identity, sometimes organic or alive.
• Caroline Brisset explores the physical limits and possibilities of metal by heating, melting and twisting it, trying to make it express by itself. Through her pieces, the artist seeks to reach a level where the appearance of the material is inconsistent with its constitution.
• Caroline Brisset is able to create small to monumental sculptures and installations. She also love to work on tailor-made projects and realizations. Dream about something, talk to us, and she will materialize the story...




A Talent French Artist for 16 Years of Steel

Monumental Realizations & Expos in Europe

Born in 1988 in France. 

DNSEP European School of Art in Brittany, Rennes,  FRANCE

DNAP European School of Art in Brittany, Rennes,  FRANCE

AFPA CAP locksmith metalwork - ferronnerie option, St Nazaire,  FRANCE


Monumental Realizations :

2021: Special Order of Monumental sculpture of "Roland Garros",  6,5m high, Stadium of Roland Garros, Paris, France

2019: Installation “Blue Whale Earth” (scale 1), realized with steel and human trash such as oil and gas can

2018: Special order of Camille awards for Ennio Morricone for International Sound and Film Music Festival, Croatia

2018: Special order of figurehead realized for the sailingboat “Death Shadow

2018: Installation “Le poilu”, 4m high sculpture made with stainless steel and bullets, for the centenary of the 14/18 armistice, installed permanently in the city of Liège, Belgium

2103: Permanent sculptures installation for Imagine building, Paris,  France

2013: Installation of  "Orgue de Pluie", Rennes,  France

2013: Installation of "Time machine", Rennes,  France

2013: Installation of "De l’eau, du Plomb et du Sel", Rennes,  France





• Exhibitions :

Art Thema HéYī, Brussels  permenantly exhibit latest creations of Caroline Brisset since 10 years:

Our major exhibitions in 2021:

2022: Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

2022: "Horizon", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Timeless", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Art Exhibition for the Hommage of René Julien", Ramatuelle, France

2021: Art Up Lille, Lille, France

2021: "Blooming", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: Together, group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussel, Belgium




2020:  "Vagabond" , Solo digital show during Covid, Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2020: Group Show, Switzerland

2018: Group show, Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2018: Art Biennal of Montreux, Switzerland

2017: "Like a Picture", solo exhibition, Art Thema, Brussels, Belgium

2017: Performance “James Dean”+ “little bastard” movie

2017:  "Soulmates", Lourmarin, France

2017: Group show, L’usine, Liège, Belgium

2016: "Solar System", solo exhibition, Art Thema Gallery,  Brussels, Belgium

2016: "L’Art est aux nefs", Nantes, France

2016: Art Biennal of Lasne, Lasne, Belgium

2016: "Soulmates", Lourmarin, France

2016: Live show/ Performance, steel cut out, “La Poudrière”, Nantes, France

2016: Live show/ Performance, steel cut out, “Studio Inauguration”, Liège, Belgium

2015: "Under the skin", Solo exhibition, Art Thema  Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2015:  “La Sculpture Dans Tous Ses États", Art Elysée art fair, Paris, France

2015: Biennal Révélations, Grand-Palais, Paris, France

2015: Group show, Liège, Belgium

2015: “Skin”, Brussels, Belgium

2015: Performance "Burn Barlok”, Brussels, Belgium

2014: Group show, Paris, France

2014: “Voodoo Mechanics”, Nantes France

2014:  “Transformeurs”,  France

2014: Group show, Salon des Métiers d’Arts, Nantes,  France

2014: "L’Art est aux nefs", Nantes,  France

2014: "Somnanbule", Nantes,  France

2013: "Millefeuille", Paris,  France

2013: "Excquis cadavre", Rennes, France

2013: Biennal of Nantes, Nantes, France

2013: Salon Européen des Fèvres pour l’artisanat des métaux, Chateau d’Eu, France