"An Old Tale of Animal - A Childhood Dream"

A Merger of Anthropomorphic Being with Human


• It is a very old story, perhaps a myth, perhaps not, when the earth was a garden where they lived in peace, an era of harmony and of games: the childhood of the world. It was a time when the children of men learned to speak the language of the seal, even before the forces of nature incarnates themselves sometimes in the hippopotamus, sometimes in the crocodile.


• Sophie Verger sculpts poems, whole tales in one piece... All these stories that make us grow, this need to constantly rediscover the time when naivety was protecting us and instinct was our guide, but also all this spontaneous joy, this humor and this tenderness which she sculpts in the details of the gesture. Sophie Verger offers both the subject of our childhood and a primitive reminder to the child who remains in us, to return to that essential of life after which we run, all of us every day.


• Sophie Verger is a fairy who knows how to transform an emotion into an animal, a sensation, a feeling in a recollected memory. She combines these anthropomorphic being and mixes the human and the animal world in surprising ways. A world that nobody really believes in, but that must continue to pursue its existence. By echoing the complexity of human relationships, by remaining alien to received ideas, the world of Sophie Verger has lost its point of reference.


European Prizes & Museum Expositions

Public & Private Collections

Sophie VERGER was born in Paris in 1953.


•    Collections:

-       Several municipalities acquired her work (Berck, Chantilly, Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Ouen l'Aumône, Sarlat, Vauréal, Villers-Cotterêts, Viroflay), France

-       Private collections in the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands.


• As a teenager, Sophie Verger attended The Academy of the Grande Chaumière and the Montparnasse 80 evening school.

1970: Art schools of Paris at the ROEDERER Academy of Art.

1971: Nissim school of CAMONDO, where she discovered sculpture during drawing workshops at the Museum BOURDELLE.

Sophie Verger passed the entrance examination at the Beaux-Arts and was admitted.

1995: Amazed by the exhibition at the LOUVRE on German sculpture of the 15th century, Sophie Verger began to diversify her work by modelling virgins with heads of draped animals

Exhibition, Whitstable, Great Britain.

1996: The artist began her the series of shields. At this time, she created amongst other works, the stacked time less warriors, inspired by the song of Craonne.

1999: Then followed the series of eggs, eggs which exploded, releasing wide-eyes characters.


Exhibitions & Prizes: 

Art Thema HéYī Gallery  permenant exhibit latest creations of Sophie Verger in Belgium.

Our major exhibitions :

2022: "A Tale of Animal", group exhibitions, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2022: London Art Fair, London, England

2022: Affordable Art Fair, Brussels, Belgium

2021: Namur Antica, Namur, Belgium

2021: "Timeless", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Art Exhibition for the Hommage of René Julien", Ramatuelle, France

2021: Art Up Lille, Lille, France

2021: "Blooming", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: Together, group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussel, Belgium



- Exhibition at the Colette Gallery DUBOIS, Paris, France


- Solo exhibition, Galerie Michel Ray, Paris, France

- Exhibition at LINEART Contemporary Art Fair, Ghent, Belgium

- Exhibition at the Château of Grouchy, Osny, France

- Exhibition at the CORDERIE, a former factory in Etaples, France


- The Public Prize on the theme of wildlife

at the exhibition "Sculptures & Jardins", Lille, France

A theme that gradually became for her a source of inexhaustible inspiration

-  "Animal theme exhibition", Museum BOURDELLE, France, 

- 1st bronze sculpture exhibition, GOT gallery, Paris, France

- Solo exhibition, City Hall of Lille, Lille,  France


Solo exhibition, Antique and Art Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

- 1st museum exhibition, Museum Adzac, Paris, France


- Solo exhibition, POMPON Museum, Saulieu, France


- 1st "Rhinoceros" sculpture exhibition, gallery Lise CORMERY, France

- MAC editions 2003, Paris, France


- "Mers les bains", Solo exhibition, Espace Jacques Prévert, France


- Invitation of council of regional artist of Picardie, France

- Contemporary Art Festival, guest of honor, Senlis, France

- MAC 2005, Parism France

- Exhibition at gallery Gilbert DUFOIS, France


- Solo exhibition, Musée Château de Boulogne sur Mer, France

- Solo exhibition, City Hall of Saint Ouen l'Aumône, France

- Solo exhibition, garden of Daubigny Museum,  France


- Solo exhibition, Syrian Arab Cultural Center, Paris, France

- Solo exhibition, Aquarium Museum, Nancy, France

- Exhibition, Ecomuseum of Briqueterie / Saint Brieuc / Trégomeur Zoo, France


- Exhibition in Germany

- Exhibition at Burgerweshuis in Zierikzee, Netherlands


- Solo exhibition, Museum François Pompon, Saulieu, France

- Solo exhibitions, Galerie d'Art Contemporain du Cardo, Reims, France


- "Beast & Human", Duo exhibition, Magdalenenkapelle Landshut, Germany

- Solo exhibition, Galerie derrière la dune, Le Touquet, France


- Solo exhibition, Galerie Gilbert DUFOIS, France

- Four large sculptures were presented in the courtyard of the Sorbonne, Paris, France


- Solo exhibition, Museum Opal Sud, France


- Solo exhibition, Galerie de l'Ecusson, Montpellier, France


- Solo exhibition, Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

- "Vital Connections", Natural History Museum of Lille, France


- "Sculptures in liberty", Archaeological Museum of Val d'Oise, France

- Solo exhibition, Galerie l'oeil du Prince, Biarritz, France


Until Today: Museum exhibitions and galleries continue to this day...