Materialist Abstraction


From a color of life,

To new mixed experimentation of ink, calligraphies and paintings...

• In Eric Pasture's approach to materialist abstraction, his physical taste, almost artisanal for a material, is measured, a smooth paste, spread, combed, smoothed, made silky like a tunic, or crushed, channeled, spread by the spatula which constrains it, brings it back in flat areas, giving way to wet lips or delicate hems. 


Red, the color of fire and blood, however has the same symbolic ambivalence as the latter, no doubt, visually speaking, depending on whether it is bright or dark. With this one major color, rich in all the others, the artist leads and tells his world, made up of momentum and restraint, shadows and clarity, impulses and rest. When the external light is flush with these fields of painting, it differs into infinite shades that never tire of our gaze.


• Eric Pasture's canvases provide us with some answers to this nagging question which remains as open as that of humanity: how to capture the colors of the world in a universal construction? In appearance, the real is full of colors, but the colors, in reality, do not exist. The ones we see depend on the light that the outside world directs towards our eyes, but the ideas of "red" are born only in the depths of our brain. The colors are therefore not only the "exploits of light" as Goethe said: They are also the exploits of me. We use ourselves to adorn the world and we do it for us.


• Refusing to limit his art to a single medium, Eric Pasture explores drawing, painting, calligraphy, watercolor or even writing in all its forms: Ethiopian, runes, Arab-Malagasy, Burmese, Tibetan, Kanada ... He advocates experimentation, a decisive exchange for the discovery of new expressions.


• Eric Pasture re-examines the traces of a language and lets the unknown emerge at the bend of his expression suitable for exploring signs and forms. The ink is mixed in multiple materials and the compositions are enriched like "color field painting". We find these characters in an exuberant swarm of abstract forms in gestation, resurgence of the artist's desire to highlight the noble and popular references of cultural diversity at the service of his personality, his singularity.


Graphic Arts Professor

Belgian & International Exhibitions

Born in 1958 in Mons, Belgium.

1987- present: Professor of graphic design advertising at Haute Ecole
1986 - 1987: Assistant Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Brussels

                         Graphic Arts and Advertising Communication Workshop
1979 - 1980: Drawing workshop at the Academy of St Josse-Ten-Noode
1979 - 1983: Graphic design workshop at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels
                          (Fine Arts graduate with Great Distinction)


• Prizes:

1983: 1st prize for professionals from the advertising agency Young & Rubicam, Belgium

1985: 19th triennial winner of young artists from Hainaut, Belgium

2000: Public Prize of Lion's Club of Philippeville, Belgium


• Exhibitions:

Art Thema HéYī is the exclusive gallery in Belgium representing permanently.

Our major exhibitions :

2022: "Horizon", group exhibition, Art Thema Héyī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2021: "Timeless" Exhibition, Art Thema HéYī Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

2013- 2020: Art Thema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (permanent)

2019:  Wavre, Belgium

2015: Balâtre, Belgium
             Watercolors exhibition, Belfius, Namur, Belgium (permanent)

2014: Dignity Expo, Namur, Belgium

2005-2013:  Brussels, Belgium

2007: "Le Frigo" exhibition at the Beaux Arts in Mons, Belgium
              "Les Printemps de Lavaux St Anne", Château de Lavaux St Anne, Rochefort, Belgium

2006: Small format trade fair, Manage, Belgium
              "Garde à Vue", House of Memory of Mons, Belgium

2005: Mention of the Jury, Scailmont, Manage, Belgium 

2003- 2004: "Les Sœurs Noires", "La Bande des 4", House of Memory of Mons, Belgium
                            Ostend, Belgium

1999-2004:   "Goodwill", Mons Fine Arts Museum, Belgium

2002: Namur, Belgium

2001: "Artconnexion", Mons Polytechnic, Belgium
             Mons Casemates, Belgium

2000: Ghent, Belgium 

1999: Gallery area Hotel Amsterdam, Puno Del Este, Uruguay

            Lubbeek, Belgium
            Chair rails open to love, Mons, Belgium
            Nexus Galeria, Buenos Aires, Argentina
            Ghent, Belgium

1998: Lubbeek, Louvain, Belgium
            Léonardo Avalos Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina
            Espacio de Arte Telecom, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1997: Libr’Art, International Contemporary Art Fair

1990-1997: Theater sets at the Maison de la Culture, Mons, Belgium

1987: House of Culture of Mons, Belgium