Lockdown collection 2020


The Vagabond “exhibition” is a sensitive and dreamlike interpretation of this spring 2020. A period which is hard to tell. A time of confusion, when even words have gone astray, mixing Meanings with Nonsenses.


To the point of shaking our movements, our freedoms, our lives. A period in which the world has stopped its death dance in front of hurtful truths and lost illusions. A moment out of time, leaving the Human to realize his own condition, face to face with his pretty planet through mirror effect. Even though covid-19 wore the crown, perhaps did we realize in a moment of clarity…that we were wearing the pants!


Through her sensitivity, the artist and sculptor Caroline Brisset offers a spontaneous reading, full of symbolism for this rather new space-time. In all humility, she has set fire to steel, giving substance to her experiences within and without…