When art invites to the beach... it's a poem.

27/08/2022 evening: Vernissage at Cabane Bambou


• Born in 1950 in France, Charles Serruya, the poet of the Epure Photographer, specialist in light effects and Chinese shadows, director, sculptor, underground dandy of New York and Parisian nights, Charles Serruya had a thousand lives! His wire sculptures, all refined and light, reveal a delicate graphic art, nourished by dreams and escape.
• Worked on the play of light, and uses shapes like words, unrolling its steel wires like a spider its web, playing with capture, thus creating drawings in space. For Charles Serruya, the dream is a reality present in every human being.
•  In this newt exhibition organized by Art Thema Gallery on the private beach of Cabane Bambou, in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, Charles Serruya stages  his aerial sculptures  in a setting combining reverie and dolce vita. The curves of the beach interact with the curves of his suspended "steel drawings" and create a poetic and sensual alchemy. 



  • Dream from Gulf of Saint Tropez

  • The Poet of Purity

    The Poet of Purity

    "The sea gives us a wonderful feeling of freedom, out of time..."

    • A line that Charles Serruya stretches until it becomes a thread. A rudimentary wire which becomes sophisticated and whose effects multiply according to the chosen subjects: portrait, nude or fresco. A thread of joy that we follow in its tracks in its controlled entanglement.
    • Since the mid-1980s, Charles Serruya has been developing graphic work using Chinese shadow and cut-out silhouette. Photography, film, projection and lighting are available according to the achievements and collaborations ranging from fashion show to live performance. Charles Serruya asserts a certain idea of ​​the baroque by avoiding overbidding. He has fun and does it with minimal means but without minimalism. A poetry devoid of sentimentality emerges from his works, as if a character escaped from a vase in ancient Greece would recite verses by Prévert.
    • A journey that transcends references without restraint takes him on the path of nomadism. A portrait painter in his spare time, he improvises a traveling portrait cabinet. The subject is thus staged in situ surrounded by his real or imagined attributes. No official portrait or order here, the fantasy of the personalities is sketched in a light line.



  • Multivalent Art, Global Exhibitions

  • Solo Exhibition

  • From movie, fashion, jewelry, to sculpture...!

    Lynne Koester and her son Mauro in front of Charles Serruya's wire minotaur

    photo Olivier Zahm from the series "the poet and his muse"

    From movie, fashion, jewelry, to sculpture...!

    August-September 2022

    Solo exhibition at Cabane Bamboo, Ramatuelle, France

    July-August 2021

    Solo exhibition at Cabane Bamboo, Ramatuelle, France

    August 2014
    Shooting of Selena’s Dream, a 26 minutes fiction movie, starring Olga Vee, at Farfadais studio, Aubervillier France. 

    November 2013 

    Creation of a jewelry collection and accessories in collaboration with David Daim, for fashion designer Statkevicius Juozas. in Vilnius, Lithuania 

    June - July 2013
    Personal exhibition in Paris France
    Editing: Palace Coste N°49, L’Officiel N°979 Photography, conversation of Pierre Bergé with Jean Cocteau, série of photography for Prada. 

    December 2013
    Reflections in a Golden Eye. Group show at the Galerie Vezelay art, in collaboration with jeweler David Daim. 

    July 2012 

    Heart to Heart. Photography exhibition and steel wire installations at Fifi Chachnil’s , London

    August 2012
    Fifi Chachnil’s fashion show film with the participation of the Crazy Horse girls, Capri, Italy 

    May 2010
    Short movie Alice Versus the Clock Cannes Festival independent cinema 

    May 2008
    Rencontre Celeste, a 33 minutes documentary, covering la Kumba Mela, the greatest religious pilgrimage in Hallah- Habad, India. 

    Series of 20 short videos, Marlon & Marlene for the travelling festival organized by Diane Pernet, Austria, Canada, France, Los Angeles

    April 2004
    Stage direction for the Paris Secret show, with singer Marie France. Choreography Philippe Découfflé. Printemps de Bourges, France 

    Stage design and shadow work for designer Adeline Andre’s fashion show, New York


    Solo exhibition of Women’s hats portraits, created by Marie Mercier, at Serge Aboukrat Gallery, Paris

    The work was acquired by La Maison Européenne de la Photographie & Bank NSM, for their private collections.


    Screenwriting & direction of Toc Toc, Le Vampire and Le Privé, 3 short films in 35 mm, (Shad’o production). Broadcasted by Canal + France, Poland and Sweden, by TV5 & TV Suisse Romande, nominated at the Poitiers Futuroscope, distributed by Gaumont


  • Monumental Sculptures

  • Le Géant et la Fée par Charles Serruya

    Horizons "Arts-Nature" en Sancy
  • Latest Innovation in Light and Steel

  • 2022 Exhibition in Cabane Bamboo

  • Charles SERRUYA
    La Belle Endormie, 2021
    Steel 8 mm
    178 x 110 cm
    70 1/8 x 43 1/4 in
    Unique Piece
  • Woman & Man Collection

  • Animal Collection

  • Furniture & Light Art


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