An New Encounter That Always Surprises

#Art Lover Familly#

I came to arrange new furnitures in the gallery on this Sunday. It is a rare sunny day during this long and rainy winter. Many visitors came out to see the art exhibition at Monts-des-Arts that brought back a lot of vigor and revival to this deserted day under the Covid.


As usual, our gallery also received many art lovers who are curious and interested in Eastern paintings and Western sculptures.


The encounter that surprised me the most was with Xavier. As a lover of art and photography, Xavier loves walking in cities and taking amazing photos from different angles turning these the corners to artistic scenes... At the same time, I am also amazed by his sensitive and unique perspective to look at and perceive art. It was such an interesting and in-depth conversation and I'm very grateful for this encounter!


Finally, thank you for the beautiful souvenir photos taken for me and our gallery, and for sharing with your INSTAGRAM!


I wish you continue to discover new beautiful scenery along your city tours with your eyes and photos of art!

January 26, 2021