Isabel Miramontes

"Horizon Exhibition" | Feb - Mar 2022
• > A Dozen of Sculptures & 6 New Arrivals
 Jan - Mar 2022 before going to London Art Fair (Apr)
• Art Thema HéYī: 59 Rue de la Madeleine, 1000, Brussels


  • Isabel Miramontes was born in Santiago de Compostella in Spain. This eminent place of pilgrimage, which is of Celtic origin, still fascinates her and remains for her a magical area.

  •  The body, posture, movement and essence of human life are at the heart of Miramontes’ work. Abstract bodies cut into strips, Isabel Miramontes explores the concept of sculpture. At the height of the usual sculpture, she opposes an apparent emptiness. For her, sculpture is not a block of material to which a shape is given, sculpture is a void to which the artist gives a surface.

  • Matter resduced to the essential that gently transforms itself into emotions and forgotten sensations, the supreme value of its destiny.  The visual language of Isable Miramontes steadfastly represents the human being in all the ambiguity of its power and frailty, its confinement and yearning for liberty, its dreams and triumphs. The fascinating figure, the synthesis of forms and thoughts, expresses the reality of life with its moments of joy, but also drama, abandon and tension. Indeed a figure who most assuredly speaks to everyone at the very depth of their being...



February 5, 2022