Our New Alliance of East & West

#Gallery News#

We are very happy to annonce our new strategic partnership between Catherine and Shuo to fusion our new galleriestogether into Art Thema • HéYī,  and form a bridge between European Art and Asian Art. It is in the gallery that a new wind has blown. This time coming from the East, more precisely from China, with an ambassador like us doused in  passion for Art and quest for beauty.


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This alliance manifests itself from end of 2020 in the Gallery, not with a change of address, but with a new window into contemporary Art from our shores and further afield. The 59 Rue de la Madeleine address houses from now on the Art Thema • HéYī Gallery.


There you will rediscover our resident artists as well as discover excellent Asian artists Shuo will have the pleasure to present to you.


Thank you for your warm reception, your loyalty and your torch for Art. It is through your eyes and your presence that the fire which guides us can expand ever further.


Always with love!

Catherine & Shuo

January 1, 2021